• Driving Seat
    Putting your Business in the Driving Seat

    An online presence is a given in this day and age. And with an online presence, it’s inevitable that you need to invest in search marketing. The question is – who do you choose?

    Digital State (Marketing) (Formerly known as The Search Marketing Group) are established search marketing specialists with a passion for helping businesses thrive. And as a successful, results-driven company, we pride ourselves on leading, rather than following - on developing strategic plans, not applying generic services – and this is how we continue to deliver profitable, effective and sustainable results for our clients.

  • Organic Search
    Navigating to the top of the Rankings

    The field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is concerned with maximising the visibility and profitability of a website / online offering by making its listings appear more frequently and more prominently in the natural (left hand side) search results.

    Digital State (DS) has helped its clients to achieve top search rankings in hugely competitive fields and has developed a strong reputation for delivering results in the hardest of areas and this reputation is built on an adherence to the essential principle of search marketing – establishing relevant domain authority – and an experienced understanding of how to achieve that development in the eyes of search engines.

  • Data Results
    Immediate Results with Pay Per Click

    Paid Search, or Pay Per Click (PPC), refers to the bidding system whereby websites can achieve immediate front page listings for their favoured search terms, appearing as sponsored Ads above or below the engine’s organic results page.

    The management of these bidding campaigns is a complex one, requiring a detailed knowledge of the mechanics of the process along with a keen understanding of balancing traffic, conversions, bidding levels and budget to ensure a robust return on investment and a route, potentially, to greater market penetration.

    Digital State can provide anything from an audit to a full structural overhaul of a campaign and of course ongoing management.

  • Compliance
    Keeping your Website Current and Compliant

    One of the key aspects for any search engine optimisation campaign relates to the technical specification and design of the website.

    In the rapidly changing world of digital marketing, it is imperative that your site is technically robust. Even if SEO was taken into consideration when a website was first built, the search engine algorithms change, resulting in the technical compliance recommendations of yesteryear being obsolete. It is vital as part of any SEO campaign to revisit your website from a technical perspective on a consistent and frequent basis.

    Here at Digital State we undertake technical audits on a regular basis and are continually carrying out research to ensure our practices meet current industry compliance and recommendations.

  • Content Writing
    Engaging Content for your Website

    Improving a site’s credibility is not just about content development; it’s about providing content that Google appreciates is authoritative and that resonates with others.

    An authority on a subject will, naturally, be knowledgeable. Moreover, they will be a source of information – people will refer to them, quote them, ask them questions, await their latest thoughts, subscribe to articles, read books by them. Google can judge this itself, to a degree, through its LSI caching but it can also use traffic data and links to confirm its opinion of credible content.

    Therefore, our content development projects are focused both on high quality content and the visible dissemination of this content in ways that Google will identify as evidence of authority.

  • Online Image
    Enhancing your Company’s Online Image

    When all is said and done, the most important opinions about a website (and, by extension, its brand) are made within the first seconds of a user’s visit.

    As such, your web design plays a huge part in encouraging visitors to relate to a site and to engage with it by travelling deeper into it. We provide consultancy to ensure websites are built with both SEO (and wider search marketing) and end user optimisation in mind. A site needs to work for the search engines but it also needs to work for the human end user or the conversion rates and overall engagement will be low.

  • Results Through Analysis
    Improvement through Iteration

    Effective analysis of website traffic allows you to identify areas for improvement in campaigns and in websites, along with areas of success that need to be built upon. By so doing, you enhance the efficiency of both your website and your search marketing campaign(s).

    Through our consultancy packages, we can provide Google Analytics set up, reporting and analysis, utilising multi-channel funnels and advanced conversion tracking so that you can engage more effectively with your target audience and maximise the conversion of their interest into revenue through targeted Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

    This type of detail can be found in our Monthly Reports or upon more detailed commissioned analysis, which allows us to create campaigns tailored to our client’s individual websites. For more information on how Digital State can tactically use your Google Analytics, contact us today.

  • Social Media
    Engaging with your Audience

    This type of detail can be found in our Monthly Reports or upon more detailed commissioned analysis, which allows us to create campaigns tailored to our client’s individual websites. For more information on how Digital State can tactically use your Google Analytics, contact us today.

    Google actively caches Social Media output and it is a legitimate consideration in their ranking algorithm. Quite simply, there is no escaping the need for all digitally-focused organisations to firmly establish (and engage actively with) their social media presence.

    At Digital State we have Social Media packages that truly focus on your target audience incorporating brand awareness, building loyalty between yourselves and your potential customers and improving already formed relationships.

  • Results Through Analysis
    Clear Communication On Strategy

    Our monthly reporting is at the heart of our methodology. In order to identify, collate and analyse the key factors in the success of a campaign and then, as part of a flexible and reactive work schedule, engage in strategic discussions with clients, we have developed a reporting cycle that draws on Google Analytics and systematic Account Relationship Management to ensure optimal service.

    Digital State’s reporting manifesto is simple: we listen to our client’s needs and then adapt our proven methodologies to those needs. Always, we are conscious of the need to balance application of resource to maximum return of investment.

  • Online Image

    Quality website hosting is critical to your marketing campaign as search engines pay close algorithmic attention to hosting factors, including the server neighbourhood & the consistency of its performance. As such, high quality, reliable & secure hosting on an uncrowned, clean server is essential.

    Digital State’s hosting is provided in climatically-controlled server rooms with uninterruptible power supply.

    Services include:

    • - Domain purchase / transfer
    • - DNS set-up & creation of DNS records for web & email hosting
    • - Web Hosting set-up, including file space & facility development via PHP
    • - Email set-up
    • - FTP user set-up
    • - MySQL Database / Pearl / .NET / Python / CGI support
    For a no obligation discussion please contact us today.

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